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Hyde Appreciation

Celebrate Hyde Day

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Welcome to Hyde Appreciation (Hyde_day), a group of humble fans coming together to create a day of love for our great Haido. What’s this you say about a day for our Haido, you ask? Well the members of this community are encouraged to celebrate a fan made holiday called Hyde Day.

Now you are asking what happens on Hyde Day. Well Hyde Day will occur on the 29th of each month. Why is it the 29th? Because my children, that’s dear Haido’s birthday. On this day, you are to put effort into spreading Hyde love. Get a T-shirt or make a sign, it doesn’t matter. All you must do is celebrate a day of Hyde, be creative.

Now the purpose of this community is to share your ideas of how we can spread Hyde love. While this community is dedicated to the very special Hyde Day, we like to think everyday is Hyde Day on LiveJournal. So you are allowed to post items that spread Hyde any day of the month. Key point number one; never forget that this community is for Hyde Day ideas so try not to spam too much stuff that gets off topic.

Your friendly mods for this community are melfina2005 (Your friendly computer-savy and layout creator mod) and imachang (Your friendly slick with words mod). If you should have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop one of us a line.

This community proclaims the February’s not on a leap year, that’s 3 in a row, the months of hell or really, really bad months. There is no 29th. This means no Hyde Day. Isn’t that sad?


Ok, now it’s time for the “official” rules of our nice little community:

1. If your post isn’t about Hyde then it’s probably not really supposed to be on this community. There of course is the exception of L’Arc~en~Ciel posts; as long as you don’t turn this into a Laruku community then we’re good with those too. Anything off that topic is pretty much “not us” material.

2. You + Flaming = Pissing us off. Don’t do it. Should you feel the need to flame, we’ll send our own flames of wrath upon you.

3. If you wish to post anything that is excessively big, please use an lj-cut. Ex. Pictures, wallpapers, fan-fics… And here’s how to do it. Post <*lj-cut text="Title of the cut here"> and at the end of the text … of course remove the * for it to work correctly ^^

4. Please don’t request files. We are not a file request forum. Gifts from generous people are the only files excepted here.

5. Should you decide to be one of these generous people, here is a mini set of rules for you. First, you must friend-lock it, so they truly gifts to the community. Second, if that yousendit thing is real and you decide to use yousendit, we don’t want any problems. Therefore, you must post the yousendit address in some altered form. You know the drill, spaces, no https, Etc.

6. Celebrate Hyde Day. Don’t tell my you joined this community for another reason.

7. And for the most important rule of all…this is an easy one…HAVE FUN. It’s a command from your friendly mods.


Hey, you can help us advertise and spread the celebration by putting these banners into your LiveJournal profile, or just about anywhere. Just make sure to have it linking back to the journal and to put the pictures on your own server. Thankie!!!! *hugs*

Made by melfina2005: