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I've decided to post my god awful FanFic. It's my first one, so... Feel free to read it, and please comment!

Title: None Yet
Rating: PG-13 to R (I have no idea)
POV: First Person, Hyde

Tears. All of them unstoppable. Before, I wanted to call out your name. Pride controlled me. I glared at you as you walked away. The fight took hold of me. You didn't see the tears. Of course you didn't. I wanted you to. I wanted to yell out at you and have you grasp me, telling me not to cry and that it would all work out okay. But no, the salty droplets slid down my face, my eyes becoming bloodshot.

Turning and running, I don't know where to go. Nor do I care. A screech of tires comes to my ears, and then a crash. Panic gets ahold of my heart. Panic, pain, and fear for you. Glancing over my shoulder, I quickly try to get back to you. Hope quickly replaces pride. I reach the end of the block and see you laying sprawled out on the ground, blood becoming a puddle around you. Shoving my way past a thin ring of people, I yell your name and run to your side. You watch me through slightly open eyes and reach towards me. I take hold of your hand as you try to say something. "I...love...you." Your face screws up in pain before your body falls limp.

"Sakura! Sakura, don't leave me!" I cry, wrapping my arms around your shoulders and shaking you. "Please don't." I start to sob into my lover's motionless body, not caring about the quickly growing group. Some people scream, some just watch with wide eyes full of terror. I become covered in blood, though I take no notice. It takes two men to drag me away from your body, despite my fight to return to your side.

Months pass, but I never forget. My mind constantly nags me. It's all my fault. If I hadn't let my pride get in the way, everything would be normal, I often think. All of the songs I write have become mostly about you or death. People have become worried about me. Like I should just forget about you. They don't say it aloud. They don't dare. But I see it in their eyes. The whispering abruptly stops when I walk into the room and everyone watches me silently.

I watch the bed that we shared so often with longing. I can't help but smile as I look at the cherry blossom pedals that I covered the thin sheets with. Though the smile isn't much, just a slight upturn of the corners of my lips, it's the most I've had since that awful evening when a drink driver hit you. Crawling into the center of the bed and sitting propped up on a few pillows, I take a dagger from the bedside table. The knife is double bladed and an onyx color. I cut my wrists weakly, but the slice is deep enough to draw the crimson tears. The red substance leaking from my body covers the flowers, causing them to stick to the sheets and my clothes. A smile tugs at the corners of my lips as my head tilts sideways and my eyes fall shut. It takes hours for everyone to find my suicide note and drained body.

Together again,
my love and I
Separated by a fight
and a drunk
Love, love
what is it?
Definitions? Scholars stuff.
We loved,
and now we will again
Together again,
my love and I.

The poem is so awful... Then again, I don't write them all that often. xD
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